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How Swing Plane Aids Can Up Your Game

In order to truly nail down the one plane swing fundamentals, many serious golfers turn to some of the best golf training aids around for a little help. Whether you have been golfing for years or are just starting out, this is a sport that can always stand a little improvement and with the right training aids you can be on your way to a great relaxing game with your friends.

Using various training aids can really up your game, videos, mechanical devices even something as simple as practicing your swing in front of a mirror can help your swing and get you on track for a perfect one plane swing


When you think about the basics of the one plane swing, the first thing that comes to mind is your grip. Watching a DVD, or using other training aids such as impact bags and tour strikers can help you to perfect your grip so that it is strong and enable you to have a healthy basis for a smooth swing.

Hip Tilt

Standing up straight may be all you ever heard growing up, but it isn’t something you are likely to hear on a golf course. Swing plane aids can help you to learn at what degree you should bend to properly execute a one plane swing. Practice is a must of course, with all the instructional videos available nowadays you can nail down the impeccable swing you so desire.


The knowledge of where your head, arms and feet should be when contemplating a one plane swing is something even the most accomplished golfers have issue with. Utilizing some of the golf swing plane training aids from video to mechanical, you could be well on your way to a tournament with a little determination and a lot of drills!

From beginners to the pros, practice makes perfect when it comes to your golf game. The best decision you can make when it comes to your game is to use every available resource to take it up a notch, and golf training aids can certainly help you to do that.

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